Various White Horse Park Fees



Note * All stickers must be on trailers by June 1st.  As of June 2nd there will be a $100.00 fine.



Boat Slip Fee April 15th to October 31st

$500.00 per season

Daily Boat Slip Rental 

$10.00 Per day 

Jet Ski Dock Rental 

$10.00 Per day - $500 per season

Boat Yard Stickers 

$50.00 for boat and trailer

$50.00 for jet ski and trailer

$100.00 for 2 jet skis on one trailer

$150.00 Utility trailers ($100 + $50 for sticker)

Pool Passes (Should be 6 in unit at time of sale) 

$2.50 each 

Laundry Cards 

$4.00 on each card

Washer $1.75

Dryer $1.50

To add $ to the card, it must be done at office during business hours. 

Gate Passes 

1st gate pass is free.

2nd gate pass is $5.00

3rd and 4th gate passes are $15.00 each

Lost card replacement $25.00

LIMIT 4 gate passes per lot. 

Park Dues 

$90.00 Per month 

Water and Sewage 

$45.00 Per month 

Mediacom Basic Cable 

$260.00 Per year (See Mediacom link for more info)

Clubhouse Rental 

$100.00 per day (4 hours)

$50.00 returned upon cleaning clubhouse. 

Bicycle Rentals 

Free 3 day rental (with signed rental agreement)

$5.00 per day for late return after 3 days.