While the main sources of information for our community will remain the BOD Meetings (February – October)
and the monthly WHP Times, this page has been created to provide timely updates between these main sources of information.
The FINANCIAL REPORTS section is now passworded and is for Residents/Owners of White Horse Park.
To receive the password please send email to WHP WEBMASTER  requesting the password.




Printable 2018 White Horse Park fee schedule

Click Here 



Mediacom cable increase.

Effective 2017 Mediacom has raised basic cable yearly rates from $165.00 to $200.00 per year.


Important: Water and Sewage Increase.

Effective August 1st, water and sewage is increased to $41.00 per month.

New monthly payment is $90.00 plus $41.00 ($131.00 per month)


WHP Letter concerning fee increase 





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