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8/29/2018 * Willies Way - the concrete walkway to the slips is being repaired - marbles removed - concrete skim coat and a plaque will be ordered honoring those that made the Marina possible.



8/21/2018 Maria Castellano resigns as BOD Secretary and returns to member status



Audio from Commissioner's Meeting 7/21/2018

100 minutes long - don't try to listen unless you have a fast internet connection


* Thanks to Bill Warburton for recording this.


Letter from the President 7/5/2018





Letter from Worcester County dated January 3, 2017 concerning full time residency at WHP.


Worcester County Supplementary Districts and District Regulations concerning Campgrounds


Letter from WHP in response to Worcester County letter dated January 3, 2017 





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Printable 2018 White Horse Park fee schedule

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Mediacom cable increase.


Effective 2018 Mediacom has raised basic cable yearly rates to $228.00 per year.


This is out of our control.  Our budgeting process starts in January - effective April 1, Mediacoms budget is in April.


Important: Water and Sewage Increase.



Effective September 1st, water and sewage is increased to $45.00 per month.

New monthly payment is $90.00 plus $45.00 ($135.00 per month)






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