White Horse Park has installed a “YELP” system on the front and rear entrance gates to the park.  This system allows immediate access for an emergency vehicle to the park.  However, it is still important for the person calling the emergency vehicle to inform the office and or guard house of an emergency vehicle that is about to enter the park.  This information is used for a variety of reasons; 

• The office and /or guard will have directions in hand to give to the response vehicle; or they will be prepared to have the emergency vehicle follow them to the unit.

•  Showell Fire Dept is a volunteer fire house.  Not all volunteers arrive at the same time to a responding call.  We can therefore throw all entrance gates into the up position for the firemen that follow

• Not all Worcester County Sheriff have the signal in their vehicles. So please it is very important you contact the office and/or guard house for all emergencies. 

WHP Office: 410-641-5102
WHP Guard: 410-641-5102 or 443-880-2278
Sheriffs Dept: 410-632-1111/12

Showell Fire Dept:    9-1-1 for emergency: non emergency: 410-352-5916   



Emergency Reporting Procedures (Printable copy) click here.