Brian Fenstermacher – PRESIDENT (term ends 6/20)
Tom Molyneaux - VICE PRESIDENT (term ends 6/21)
Norm Ross – MEMBER (term ends 6/21)
Melissa Peters - TREASURER (term ends 6/22)
Tim Mummert – SECRETARY (term ends 6/20)




White Horse Park Community Association Meeting Dates
All meetings are open to all who would like to attend

Time 10:00 am at Clubhouse for 2019
Meeting dates; Third Saturday of the month. 
January – no meeting
February 16,2019 - (Open Meeting)
March 16,2019 – (Open Meeting)
April 20,2019 - (Open Meeting)
May 18,2019 - (Open Meeting)
June 29,2019 – Annual Meeting (last Sat of month)
July 20,2019 - (Open Meeting)
August 17,2019 - (Open Meeting)
September 21,2019 - (Open Meeting)
October 19,2019 - (Open Meeting)
November 2019 – no meeting
December 2019 – no meeting
January 2020 – no meeting



The Office Staff of White Horse Park

Park Manager * Ted Gajewski   

Office Assistant * Janice Carr     
Office Assistant * Meghan Jacobs
Maintenance Supervisor * Doug DeGrange
Maintenance * Joe Bland
Housekeeping * 

White Horse Park Volunteer Committees
Committees are a vital part of our community, and we thank all of our committee volunteers!  Listed below are the current committees and their members.  For more information click on the name of the committee or use the navigation bar to the left.  If you are interested in joining a committee please contact the Board of Directors using the form at the bottom of the page. 
1. Chairman (None)
2. Susan Waskey
3. Craig Small
4. Bonnie Stevens
5. John Nethken 
1. "Commodore" Phil Wood
2. Norm Ross (BOD Liaison)
3. Ed Webb 

Needs Chairperson and Volunteers 
* If interested in helping with Club House Events, please contact Brian Fenstermacher via Trellix.
ELECTION Committee
1.  Jon Gilmore
2.  Bill Rosenbaum
3.  Dave Page


The Board of Directors at White Horse Park would like hear from you. If you have a suggestion or complaint; Please click here 
(Please note that this message goes directly to WHP Board of Directors)

or you can use this printable form to mail or to drop it off at office