1. "Commodore" Phil Wood
2. Norm Ross
3. Ed Webb (BOD Liason) 

***  If anyone has a kayak/canoe and would like to place it on the rack down at the Marina, the cost is $35.00 for the stickers and their space on the rack and that is due on June 1st and good for 1 year.
Also, if you have a canoe that you would like to place on the rack, you may; however, the canoe can NOT be any longer then 18' and NO wider then 34".
You may contact the office and provide them with your name and then Megan will notify you of what they will need to do afterwards. ***
* April 1st 2018 Boat Slip Fee  $500 Due

* Stickers for boats, trailers, kayaks, jet ski on sale April 1st, Deadline of June 1st 2018 for payment & placement.
* NEW * Marina waiting list form - $100 deposit required. 

There has been a rule change to the Marina Rules.

Please note this if you have already picked up a copy of Marina Rules

NO CRAB POTS are allowed at WHP Marina Property

If you want to use a crab pot, it must be

at least 300 feet or 100 yards away from White Horse Park property.

Marina/Boat Slips...Max Boat Length is 25 Ft. 

Width 8.5 for all new boats. 




No boats can stay overnight in the canal or longer than 1 hour and MUST be out of the water by Sunday 9pm. NO EXCEPTIONS !! (there will be a $25 fine) 

Update on DNR Regulations

It is important to note that we are governed by the Maryland Coastal Bays regulations.  Make sure you are following those regulations, which have many differences from the Chesapeake Bay regulations.  The Coastal Bays have exemptions regarding the need for a recreational crabbing license and from registering crab pots.  These exemptions are stated here.